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Computer Use Maximized

Below are some fast tips on how to save electricity while using your computer:

1. If you are not using the internet, unplug that broadband.
2. Between a laptop and desktop, an investment on laptop cuts down your cost in electricity and space.
3. When using desktop, a CRT monitor use higher volatage compared to the flat ones.
4. Put the computer's to automatic sleep when not in use (depends on what you prefer). An image in the screensaver increases electricity use.

Birthday Party Tips

Regardless of the age of the celebrant, a party will always have an effect on the budget. But there are several ways to cut down the cost when you are having a party whether in your home or in a selected venue:

-Plan.Have a theme. For kiddie party this means having an overview of what you will need. Your theme will guide you on what to buy and prepare.

-Is it cake or cupcake? Some people prefer not to serve their cakes after the candle blowing, if you are the thrifty type then cake might work on you. If you feel like letting everyone have their sweet treat, a cupcake for everyone is a good option.

-RSVP. Knowing how many people will make it to your celebrations will reduce the cost and left over ( maybe just enough for bento)

-Use the internet. There are so many available downloads for you to partake. You can download games, coloring pages, invitations, thank you tags, everything.

-Ask people to participate. Cooking and preparations are the hardest task if you cannot afford catering. By recruiting friends and relatives to give you a helping hand, you are not only cutting cost but making them "part" of this celebration.

-Enjoy your party and the guests.(it's free and the main purpose of all the things you've done)

Get Out of Credit Card Debt

Credit card management is not easy even for a practical person like me. How do you manage your card?

- Have a small notebook with you where you can jot down what you have charged during the day on your card. This will remind you of how much you have been using.

- Let your cellphone be your guide when using your card by marking in the calendar the cut-off date of your card. How will it help? When the cut-off is near and you are on the ceiling of your allowable expenses(read: just within your means to pay),postpone using the card until after the cut-off.

- Savings versus credit card payment? If the finance charges is higher than the interest rate of your savings, opt for paying off the credit card debt for the month than stashing those in your bank account.

- Assign the cards on certain expenses. For example, one card should be used only for groceries or household expenses, the other for personal expenses like clothes and shoes, etc. You will be able to track if you are within the budget or not.

- Do not buy groceries without a budget.

- Do not schedule your shopping before meals.Hunger makes you buy more than you need.

-Pay on time.

Do not let your credit card control you. If you think that you cannot stop yourself from using the plastic money, leave it at home.

Tips on How to Earn Holiday Money

Holidays are fun but it means getting overboard when it comes to your budget. And unless you are a money guru managing your finances during this time of the year is something that everyone have to work out.

The Christmas Bonus is not for spending. It must go directly to the rainy day savings. Exert effort on how to earn money that will be spent for Christmas.

1. If you love baking, sell brownies and cakes/cupcakes during the holidays. This is a good business idea for those who have the baking skills.

2. Offer services like holiday shopping for individuals who have money to spend but no time to spare. Service rate? Your basis should be on how far the store is and the length of time you will spend for the shopping.

3. For business minded people, retailer or wholesaler business is just right for you. A kiosk on malls selling goods that are best for gift giving is the best deal.You can start scouting for available lease as early as now, October.

4. This is something that once a trend among kids and will always be for every new generation of kids to come: personalized items. And since almost all kids in town will have their Christmas money to spend, set up a both selling personalized item on malls and markets. You can even go as far as offering this to companies who provides company favors annually.

5. Additional job. Of course this is a little bit time consuming but getting another job so that you will survive the Holiday financially fit is worth it. Try online jobs so that you can work at your own pace and time.

There are lots of other opportunities were you can start moneymaking. Just look for gaps that you can fill in. Who knows this can be not just your Holiday moneymaker but your goldmine as well.

Get Out of Debt

Since this blog has been neglected for sometime now, and finally the Author noticed that it exist it will finally have something more to say and share. This blog is all about saving money and frugality so watch out for more tips and guides on how to save money and how to earn too.

Freeze those Fruits

When agriculture products are in abundance, prices will definitely slash down to more than half the price for fruits in season. So if you want to cut down on your food bills, buy fruits in bulk and freeze them for later consumption. If you have the time, fruit jams are delectable and sure way to save money for spreads. You might even generate income by selling those goods to friends and online contacts.

Brown Bag, Packed Lunch or Bento Box

If you think packed lunch are for kids, you are very wrong. Japan's educational system uses packed lunch to instill discipline to their kids.

Women bring o-bento boxes to their offices not only to express those creative juices but to be naturally healthy. So never, ever underestimate a lunch box.

With a lunch box, you can trim off those extra charges that comes when you eat out. And you also resist the temptation of buying an additional dish that is not in the budget.

source: http://www.cookingcute/gallery

The good thing about bento boxes is that you can use leftovers with flourish. You can also make fresh batch if you prefer it over leftovers but this will mean additional preparation time for your lunch.

There are available easy to follow sites that you can visit for inspirations. Just type in your google search box the word "bento" and viola!

You will be hooked, I promise.

And you will save few bucks and might be able to get rid of those love handles.